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post punk, new wave, glam rockindie pop, indie electronic
By combining viral melodies with bold postpunk rhythms and g1am rock stage personas, the band, under the leadership of its frontwoman Eva Vostroknutova, has become a favourite with the Moscow fashionistas for its whirlwind live performances and DIV videos that combine flashy imagery with poignant social statements. Throughout its two-year history, Wet Red has given dozens of performances, ranging from invitation-only parties of the international fashion brands to large Moscow festivals. They were the opening act for the first international showcase festival Moscow Music Week, Skye Edwards from Morcheeba has named them her favourite Russian band, and they were the first Russian rock group to perform at the Taiwanese festival Love Love Rock. Having already released three singles. Wet Red - equally enamoured by testosterone music and haute couture - will soon finish the recording of their debut album.
Interview Russia

If you saw them perform, you'll remember the Moscow team Wet Red far a long time.
Time Out Russia

In a matter of months, the Krautrock rhythms and assertive bass, the swagger and romanticism, the crackpot blood-red stage costumes and testosterone-driven frenzy transformed Wet Red into full­ fledged heroes of the Russian indie scene.
Rolling Stone Russia

Wet Red band takes over from such groups as Gossip and Moloko, placing its bets on the disco and-punk rhythms.


LOVE LOVE ROCK fest, Taipei, TW, 13.11.16
Yota Space, Moscow, RU, 02.10.16

Denis Simachev Bar, Moscow, RU, 26.11.15
Moscow Music Week, Moscow, RU, 10.09.15
Time Out Bar, Moscow, RU, 07.09.15
Bosco Fresh Fest, Moscow, RU, 24.05.15