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iexperimental pop, post punk, new wave, no wave,
free jazz
The band started on their journey singing in English in the spirit of the classic 90's Alternative Rock (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, Nirvana, etc.). Glintshake made a complete turnaround, adding Gsh to their name and began singing in Russian. Influenced by Russian avant-garde music, classics such as Stravinsky and Prokofiev, soviet 80's New Wave and Free Jazz, the band created its own original, unprecedented musical and visual style. Gsh/Glintshake is frontlined by the singer Katya Shilonosova and guitarist Evgeny Gorbunov. The concerts are swashbuckling and jolly in their performance. They reflect the counter intuitive freedom, spontaneity, and absurdity of life in Russia. In 2016 the band released the album titled OESCH MAGZIU. It was declared one of that year's best Russian-language rock albums.
Afisha Daily

The powerful, angry, and uncompromising band, which creates beautiful, smart and unhackneyed songs, remains one of the best live performers around.
Rolling Stone

Glintshake are the geeks who idolize King Crimson, intentionally "distort" the sound of their instruments, and full in love with the rhythms of the Talking Heads.
Afisha Daily

Their music sweeps away all the excesses, leaving behind only the powerful guitar riffs, good texts and the sharp vocals of Ekaterina Shilonosova. It brings to mind associations of the best European and American guitar bands.


Barents Spektakel festival, Kirkenes, NO, 10.02.17
16 Tons club, Moscow, RU, 04.02.17
SKIF festival, St. Petersburg, RU, 25.11.16
Rabochy & Colhoznitsa museum, Moscow, RU, 07.10.16
New Holland, St. Petersburg, RU, 16.09.16
BSB club, Vladivostok, RU, 02.10.16