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modern classical, nu jazz, electronic, experimental
Fogh Depot is a unique band rising in fast ascent over the Russian musical landscape. Combining the elements of dark jazz, neoclassical minimalism and intelligent electronica, the trio Fogh Depot was established in 2014. The band, which performs intriguing instrumental music on classical instruments – e.g. saxophone and piano – combined with technological innovations, mixes eloquently traced melodies and unusual sound textures, energetic beat and intricate, unpredictable polyrhythmic improvisations, and austere composition. Each and every performance by Fogh Depot is akin to experiencing something like a filmic thriller, the smooth tempo and melancholic mood of which creates explicit tension and accentuates the obligatory climax. The Moscow-based trio has released two albums on the German label Denovali: their debut S/T was followed by Turmalinturm, released at the end of 2017. Tourmaline – a gemstone found in a wide variety of colours in nature, which also changes colour depending on the angle of the light – is an excellent metaphor to describe the multilayered and shapeshifting music of Fogh Depot, which reveals itself in new light with each play.

Musicians searching for the link between the trends of the new era and the traditions of jazz and classical music.

Fogh Depot's music, however, is certainly compelling enough, and the combination of jazz and electronic elements definitely holds the promise of a range of possible future explorations.
Misantopia Extrema

'The music of the project is that sophisticated, so deliberately nocturnal, that it is impossible not to be beguiled, and get lifted onto this rollercoaster of mixed and measured textures, environments and feelings.' Misantropía


The Great Escape Festival, UK, 08.05.19, 11.05.19
Reeperbahn Festival, DE, 20.09.18

Bol' Festival, RU, 11.06.18
SKIF festival, RU, 30.09.17

Moscow Music Week, RU, 08.09.17
SOUND UP festival, RU, 31.05.17