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electronic, IDM, psychedelic
On stage, Anton Maskeliade performs just like a genuine magician: the Moscow-based musician-experimentalist commands the hurricane of sound and whirlwinds of video without even touching the keyboards of his synthesisers and computers, by instead expressively dancing and using his hands as a conductor or illusionist would.The secret of Maskeliade's magic lies in the fact that he is one of the world's first electronic producers to perform live audiovisual shows with the help of gestures using a "Leap Motion" controller. His unique know-how, striking performances and futuristic music, attracting over a million online views, brought him to perform at the legendary Glastonbury Festival and the stages shared with kindred spirits such as Moderat, Mouse on Mars, Emica, Dub Fx, and The Glitch Mob. Today, Anton Maskeliade teaches eager students the art of working with sound in virtual environments at the music school he founded. He is also recording his third album, in which fragile psychedelic-folk melodies overlay powerful beat, glitch and noise, and continues to perform his spellbinding performative concerts all over the world.
The Guardian

Moscow's "ephemeral musician" seeks out the intriguing and the frightening.
Indie Hoy

Improvisational performances that are leaving the audience stunned.'
Leap Motion

Using his whole body, Maskeliade creates new soundscapes on the spot with 3D MIDI controllers and bit-crushed drum machines. Never the same song twice.


Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany, 20.09.18
FFM Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 11.12.16

Picnic Afisha, Moscow, RU - 28.07.16
Berghain Kanteen, Berlin, DE - 04.06.16
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK. 27.06.15
Fusion Festival, Berlin, Germany, 25.06.15